It is finally that time of the year when carefree spirit and renewal is not so much of a fantasy, but a necessity. Inspired by the modern-day traveler who lives for the thrill of adventure, Marina Raphael sets off to create a collection that celebrates the raw beauty found in the uncharted. Upon closer inspection, this SS21 collection exuberates an escapism and emphasizes the importance of collecting unique accessories that serve as mementos of precious memories and experiences.

The designer based her trail of thought on the rich napa leather, as she aspires to evoke the transitional essence of this season through a variety of visual plays. Incorporated in every design and paired with every other textile in this collection, it acts as an aesthetic bridge. Flawless prints, geometrically structured weaved raffia, striped canvas and crystal panels set the collection's playful yet easily-worn tone. Meticulously stitched denim completes the chronic story line the designer has set by embodying a more urban feel.

Neutral tones are revisited and painted into the collection using warm caramel tones, along with cream hues and a touch of natural green. Blue holds its honorary place in this season’s color chart. Mirroring the pristine Greek waters, it sets the mood with tranquil pastel accents and is adapted in intricate raffia threading techniques, leather napa and denim textures. Playful scatterings of Swarovski crystals and discreet touches of turtoise shell plexiglass, elicit feelings of nostalgia and bliss.

By reinventing classic shapes and introducing new ones through impeccable craftmanship and visionary design, a harmonious symbiosis of modernity and sophistication is created. The array of shapes that are encapsulated in miniature forms project the designer's love for adventure. Forms range from our signature Riviera and Porter shapes to novel cylindrical concepts and envelope statement pieces.