Stone carved pathways, crystalline coastlines, pastel pictorial buildings and women in brightly tinted dresses carrying woven baskets that hold their seaside must-haves, paint a vivid image of summer in the Southern Italian Coastline. The simplicity and ease in the air is exhilarating, and although the scenery seems to remain perennial, there is an endless contemporary riptide flowing around it. Hidden beneath the magic of the location, is the enigma of what factors shaped it to the archetypical destination it is today.

Inspired by the paradigm of the Italian coastline, Marina Raphael seeks to find an interconnection between the present and the future, by devising a collection that can be looked back upon and still be conceived as classic. Raw elements of straw and canvas are conjured for this season with premium Italian leather and reimagined in silhouettes with an aura of day-to-night couture. Every panel and textile is fastidiously measured and utilized, with the aim of diverting any residual materials. Actively shying away from black chromatisms, we aspire to project the versatility of lighter natural hues like camel, cream and blush pink along with details of Swarovski crystals, tortoise and horn colored plexiglass. The tactile differences invented by the range of components used, and the visual grace that is emulated seamlessly by the pure structures and light reflecting touches of sparkle, manifest the designer’s viewing of today’s nonpareil accessories.

The illusive simplicity of the designs could only be perfected by the artistry and virtuosity that lies beneath the craftsmanship of each piece. Marina Raphael evokes the artisanal nature of every component, to enthrone the value of creating classic accessories that are defined, not from their compliance to aesthetic norms, rather from allowing the au courant character of the designs to speak for themselves.