About Us

The Designer

From a very young age Marina was passionate about the world of fashion and the evolution of design. Motivated and ambitious, at the age of 15, she ventured into the business world by managing events. It was the challenge of fabricating new concepts that enthralled her and helped her to develop a mindset that creativity has no boundaries.

Marinas' keen eye for detail borderlines an obsessive and meticulous pursuit for perfection, that stems from her heritage, the Swarovski brand. Entrepreneurial endeavours, aspiration for innovation and dedication to one’s kin are the lifeblood of the family DNA, and Marina is no exception. Born to a Swiss-Austrian mother and a Greek father, the designer has a natural affinity for exploration. Through her travels across the world, it has been her exposure to architecture, art and a variety of cultures that have instilled her global vision and helped her create a brand whose design speaks to an international audience.

Inspired by the women in her family, visionary and influential in their own right, Marina has set out to begin her own luxury brand in 2018 with the aim of empowering women. The designer believes that “dressing for any occasion should excite and engage the mind, awakening a wish to create, seeing a canvas in oneself, and in their wardrobe, a palette of colours."

Marina finished her studies of Business Management at King's College London in 2019, and continues to explore the horizons of the fashion industry.

"Dressing for any occasion should excite and engage the mind"

The Design Philoshophy

Creativity is defined only by the limits we set ourselves. Revolutionizing the traditional approach to design Marina Raphael empowers women to shape the art of dressing by their own rules. Sophistication and elegance are standards we set in all our creations that forge a timeless addition to the wardrobe. Made for women of today who move through the modern world with a sense of purpose and poise, we focus on bringing to the forefront of each collection values of function, form and feeling. Fostering a culture of continuous reinvention we aspire to provide an aesthetic that ignites and engages the mind. We aim to give life to wearable objects d’artes that leave a lasting impression and accentuate a woman's innate elegance.

A touch of genuine quality is instantly recognised and remembered. Made by hand in Florence, Italy, in the heart of the famed luxury leather goods district, our visions are brought to life by skilled artisans. Every seam, stitch and stud on all Marina Raphael products are crafted to the most exacting standards. The delicate surfaces are soft to the touch, and pleasing to the eye offering a refined feminine finish. We insist on flawless execution by sourcing the highest quality of raw materials and only the finest skins.

Setting conventional archetypes aside, Marina Raphael seeks to define the term of ‘the modern pioneer’. Evolving with the pace of technology is what sets us apart as we introduce bold creations that respect the benchmarks of classic design, while exploring modern materials and ambitious techniques.

The difference between a product and a masterpiece is passion. With a vision to create pieces that exude skill and marvel, Marina sets to find inspiration from the energy found in the natural and modern world. The designer creates pieces that would be recognisable and captivating from a distance but reveal intrigue and artistry upon closer inspection.


Our respect for the environment, humanity and creativity, is translated in our work, as we strive to define the artisanal, using sustainable mediums. Carving out enough time to create and perfect each product, epitomizes the artistry in its craftsmanship and design. It allows the small communities of men and women, with which we partner with, to infuse their deep knowledge and give life to state of the art accessories. Our active support of family businesses and local economies, not only benefits our society, but reduces the amount of fuel and energy consuming techniques required for every product, and therefore minimizes our environmental impact. By vigilantly tanning small quantities of leather we consume less water and energy, while synchronously our minimum waste policy urges us to actively utilize every inch of material, pushing our creative boundaries to reinvent them in new forms. Our core partner, Swarovski, not only overlooks the production as a whole, but also shares our deep commitment to this planet.