05 Dec , 2019


On the 5th of December Marina Raphael and Christos Costarellos hosted a cocktail party, at the renowned George’s Club, to celebrate the launch of their new collection, exclusively sold at Harrods. Joined in festive mood by many special guests amongst which were celebrities Donna Air, Heloise Agostinelli, the models Ikram Abdi Omar, Nina K, Lily Jean and many more, they all enjoyed the atmosphere was weaved together by the Christmas décor as well as the splendid food and drinks. The two Greek designers presented all pieces from their collection which use a black palette to accentuate the timelessness of the all-time go-to colour of a night-look, while still experimenting with forms and fabrics to investigate the plurality of dimensions of each piece. The wonderful night was completed by the presence of father Christmas who even spread around Marina Raphael x Costarellos gifts.

The collection of both designers is currently available at Harrods as well as their respective websites.