For her FW21 collection, Marina presents a chic compilation of statement yet versatile handbags that adapt to the new reality. Marina shifted her focus to predominantly mini bags, that maintain the brands’ clean lines and unique structural form. Designs that blend practicality with frivolity, worthy of entering a woman’s modern day wardrobe. As we become accustomed to carrying less, this collection encourages you to relish the ability to go about your day handsfree and brings to the forefront our renewed appreciation of freedom.

The young designer wanted to capture her love of contemporary accessories, while keeping in mind the undeniable needs of practicality and visual intrigue. Whether you are on the go, or enjoying quality time with a few close friends, an MR bag is your power move. The inspiration of this collection lies in the idea of our urban lifestyle and the concept of street style. More than ever now, when social gatherings are limited, the Marina Raphael muse dresses to impress for even the simplest of outings. Dressed down but still managing to elevate her outfit with confidence that captures everyone’s attention, a Marina Raphael accessory, is of course a must have in this equation.

Basing her designs on hues of nude, caramel, navy blue, crimson and black, she evokes visual intrigue by creating tactile contrast. Textural experimentation, has always been at the identity of the MR brand. This season is dominated by woven panels, stiff quilting, embroidery, and crystalized accents Each design is made with versatility in mind. Easy to wear, spacious yet unencumbering, every unique shape serves a variety of styling possibilities , whether it is carried conventionally or altered to be worn as a crossbody, over the shoulder or even as a belt bag.

Responsibly sourced materials adhere to the brand’s strong sustainability standards. Marina Raphael continues to live up to the ethical code she has set from the start. A careful and mindful selection, of conscientiously sourced natural materials, that range from organic cotton, to leather, and ostrich feathers, is at the core of the brand. By expressing our deep respect for the origin of the components used, as much as the skilled craftsmen that mold them to perfection, can we aspire to translate our passion for sustainable fashion.