Winter, a season of retreat, a time when we return to our nests and places of comfort, nature puts on hold its song and dance to rest and begin anew in the endless cycle of the seasons. The sparkling, ephemeral crystals of snow, a rich veil covering valleys and landscapes all around. The promise of a luxury refuge for the cold months is found in warm family gatherings in front of a marble fireplace and inviting, alpine chalets, serving as an escape from the urban reality during the holidays. Yet nightlife never ceases, from outings with friends to galas and events, keeping cities alive, full of light and glamour. Both familial sanctuaries and nocturnal affairs mark the ever-present warmth, the apricity, that guides us across this annual, glacial aura.

All aspects of the winter months would be remiss without the stylistic inclusion of a piece from this, FW20, collection. A slew of sizes, shapes and materials opens a library of possibilities to accessorize every look. A fresh, new approach to the essence of winter materializes through the plethora of textile discoveries with novel techniques contrived by skillful craftsmen. Suede woven with leather, new designs of crystal application and a welcoming and felicitous addition of wool serve as emblems for the season.

The weaving of suede and leather creates an imaginative and playful antithesis of textures while the hues of dark, navy blue and warm, bright camel complement each other in an inspiring ode to comfort, joy and intimate moments shared with friends. Starry, elegant and bright Swarovski crystal embellishments evoke images of fireworks and festive sentiments of celebration. A glamorous and modern pattern contributing to the absolute practicality of a smaller piece. Day-to-night accessory options found in Micro Riviera, Midnight and Rene alike, offering exceptional versatility for any and all carrying styles and needs. Wool, gracefully incorporated in an even more comfortable handle variation of the classic Riviera shape, coheres with the ambiance of quintessential locales for seasonal trip such as Gstaad or St. Moritz. Marina Raphael presents yet another collection filled with unique and innovative pieces that never fail to exude a timeless charm. Sustainable inclusions, up to par with the vital, eco-friendly standards of this day and age. Within each handbag resides the amalgam of functionality and luxury that, through a season of old, new, unique and familiar, no one would stand resisting.