Nostalgia, a collection designed to showcase how our innate linkage to nature and its elements has merged with our contemporary ideology. The designer interprets this sentimental bond and the dynamic alterations that have occured during the past centuries as we gradually drifted to the urban lifestyle. Shaped by a primarily terrestrial color palette, Marina Raphael uses shades of chestnut, berry, onyx and ivory to delineate her vision of this collection.

Leather and shearling, two materials , organically found in nature, when sculpted masterfully have the potential to give life to iconic creations. By applying woven motifs and embroidered shearling to signature shapes, Marina Raphael creates a visual play with rich suede and napa leather to form her designs. The tactile antithesis between the structured leather and soft shearling enhances another dimension of the product's artistry.

Incorporating these components in the designs has been down with precision and careful examination. The meticulous selection of materials allows to go beyond ephemeral products, and to present pieces that exude the craftsmanship of traditional metiers. Curating her strive for innovation, the designer pushes creative boundaries and employs technological advances to set a dogma of accomplishing a near-0-wastage policy, by using as much of every material as possible.

Opposing the soft leather and shearling, the glossy plastic of the handles defines the contemporary current of the collection and adds an edgy effect. The amalgam from which the handles are sculpted, surpasses the standards of the similar hardware, elevating the aesthetic of the collection in an unconventional way.

Marina Raphael's signature Swarovski crystal incorporation accentuates the elegance and glamour of her timeless creations, helping translate here creative intrigue on how modern and natural elements can forge together statement accessories.