The Homage Collection is inspired by the homogenous nature found in our civilizations within the cultural perplexity that defines humanity. Every ethnicity is a tile, unique and akin simultaneously, adding its own hue to the world’s mosaic. With this collection we celebrate the energy and diversity of all cultural hubs, by paying homage to universal techniques, established and used for centuries. Whether it’s pure color matching, the art of brocade, weaving, knotting or knitting, they all have a global identity, yet each has been developed differently across the world. Marina Raphael adopts this mindset and introduces a new collection characterized by elegant handcrafted pieces with a variety of form and texture.

The link between the conceptual structure of this dynamic collection to its praxis is based on the brand’s core value of emitting novelty without relinquishing fashion’s preceding heritage. The collection merges organic elements and manmade components to breathe life to a distinct fusion of modern and natural dimensions. We aspire to achieve a sense of symmetry not only aesthetically but also in the use of contemporary and traditional craftsmanship, opening a dialogue between the past and the present.

Achieving this, requires mastery and expertise in the hands of skilled artisans. Our pursuit of innovative processing methods is not restricted only to the leather material. Swarovski crystals, are presented in a different context to provide an eye-catching last touch that accentuates every design and transforms the handbag to a piece of jewelry. Because of the designer's linked heritage to the Swarovski brand, incorporating crystals is her personal allegory of reinventing classic elements, as well as her ode to her bloodline’s entrepreneurialism. It is with precision and passion that these accessories are formulated to fit every occasion and elevate even the simplest of outfits to iconic standards.